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About Restaurant
RICE N FISHis a pilot project of “13EST” in the food & hospitality industry and branded as healthy food and quality service 13EST is an umbrella organization established by 12+1 young and dynamic professionals having experience and exposure in diverse field of expertise. 13EST objectives are to establish, promote, acquire, set-up, run, maintain, assist, support or aid or help in the setting up, maintaining, consultancy, management and running of restaurants, real estate promotions and other establishments or institutions for the purpose of making revenue to the Founder Directors in all other useful subjects in all their manifestation.

In fact, ‘good food for good health’ thinking is what driven us towards a good food restaurant and the end result us RICE N FISH empire. Yes, we call it an empire! As empires are meant to be doing good to people, we do not look at profits but profit-ability through providing good eat-ability. At Rice N Fish we promote sensible eating habits as our core objective. Yes, in today’s fast-paced world “time is derived as money” thus people get very limited time for physical activities to maintain a healthy heart. Therefore ‘a well-balanced nutritious diet’ has become a vital factor for healthy lifestyle that is the very responsibility of our restaurant without compromising the ‘taste’ factor.

To achieve the above objective, we propose “add fish to your dish”because Seafood is: LOW IN FAT, LOW IN CHOLESTEROL, HIGH IN PROTEIN,HIGH IN VITAMINS & MINERALS and RICH IN OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS.