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We will basically drive up anything possible that provides good food and well received by locals. Our production team is constantly looking up with new ideas to keep the menu fresh and exciting; they have created exciting new dishes like Fish Tikka, Fish BBQ, Fish Badami, Fish Panchabi to name a few. On your visit to RnF, you can never miss the perennial favorite fish dish that is simply delightful. You will be spoilt for choice with local favorites like Malabar fish curry, Fish Mulakittathu, Fish Kodambuli, Fish curry meals, Fish Biriyani etc. Moreover you can enjoy varieties of South Indian, North Indian and Chinese dishes in pomfrot, King Fish and Prawns. To add more to your taste our menu is ready with kerala dishes in Karimeen, Kallummkaya, Koonthal and Njandu. Also there are few Vegetarian dishes to chose from.

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